Attractions in the area

  • International museum of modern art Céret8 min by car
  • Marchet des Céret outdoor market where you can buy everything from food, flowers, antiques, to clothes and shoes.
  • Perpignan Palace of the kings of Mallorca 25 min by car
  • Chateau Royal in Collioure30 min by car
  • Muséed`ArtModerneCollioure 30 min by car
  • Carcassone, Quéribus&Peyrepertuse Cathar Castle 50min by car


Things to do

  • ShoppingCéret8 min by car, Perpignan 25 min by car
  • Water sports in Mediterranean Canet beachor Saint Cyprien 20 min by car
  • Water sport freshwater close to St Jean Pla des Corts5 min by car
  • CanigouSkislops winter, and mountain tracking in summer/fall 30 min by car
  • Banyouls, village, wine tasting with Banyouls famous sweet wine 30 min by car
  • Colliourevillage, art, restaurants & bars30 min by car
  • Winetasting wine yards
  • Freshwater sources Duilach50 min by car


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