Cleaning and housekeeping prior to and after your departure is included in the rental of Maison des Cèdres and we offer more extensive housekeeping services upon request.

Please view rates for different levels of services below:

Full Daily cleaning and housekeeping: 200€ / day. This service includes full cleaning of the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, garbage disposal, change of linens and towels.

Partial Daily cleaning and housekeeping: 75€ / day . This service includes kitchen cleaning and garbage disposal.

The pool and garden are regularly maintained by the staff during your stay. These services are also included in the rental.

We value our guest’s privacy and keep staff appearances to a minimum during your stay, however staff will periodically use service entrance and service areas on the lower level for maintenance purposes.

Please contact us to coordinate any extra housekeeping services you might need:


Cleaning standard:

Maison des Cèdres has established and follows strict cleaning routines to secure the villa is disinfected on a regular basis to secure the well fare of our guests, before, under and after the stay.

All cleaning routines are organized and conducted according to national regulations and instructions from governmental health authorities.