The area has a Mediterranean climate overall witch means the winters are mild due to the influence of the sea and the four seasons are quite distinctive. The Summer season is quite long stretching from the beginning of Mai to end September.

The mountains are surrounding the valley from three different sides and the sea forms the last, this combination of mountains protecting the area and a breeze from the sea creates a micro climate of even milder influence giving this region of France the record for amount of sunny days per year, an average of 265 days a year and a record of 300 sunny days, this is as much as Agadir Morocco.  The temperatures can be as high as 40 degrees Celsius during the summer in the plain by Perpignan but here in Saint Jean at the foot of the mountains we are blessed with a few degrees less making even the hottest days a little fresher. Céret just close by produces the first French cherries due to this exceptional microclimate witch switches from being milder in the winter to cooler in the summer.